Why Take Computer Science Programming Courses?

Sacramento is known as "Silicon Valley East" because of the large number of computer and high-tech companies in the greater Sacramento metropolitan area. Over 500 local businesses hire employees in the computer industry, especially those who can write computer programs in a variety of languages. Sacramento City College teaches many of the current languages used in our area. We offer certificates and degrees in Computer Science to prepare students for transfer or to take a job in the industry.

What jobs are available in the Computer Science Programming or
Management Information Systems field?

Computer Programmers often start their careers as junior programmers or assistant programmers. As they learn more about the way their company does business, they can become programmers, team leaders, database administrators, or computer systems analysts. MIS employees often become information technology (IT) management specialists who work with a team of programmers to plan new techniques and make changes in the way a company does business. Many go much further into the database area to become database support assistants, administrative assistants, customer or client service representatives, data entry clerks, web developers, database managers, database administrators, and database developers.

What Programs Are Available to Prepare for Jobs in Computer Science and MIS?

Computer Science Degree or Certificate requires learning to use current, object-oriented programming languages such as Visual BASIC, C++, and Java. In addition, students will learn a low-level language (assembly language). The Computer Science program prepares students for careers in computer programming and systems analysis by providing a foundation in current and advanced programming languages. It enhances individuals' skills so that they can transfer to four-year universities or qualify as entry-level programmers to pursue careers in the computer industry.

Database Management Certificate prepares individuals to learn how to use both stand-alone database programs (like MS Access) and large, multi-user database management systems (like Oracle or MS SQL Server). Database skills are in high demand by nearly every organization and company. Employment opportunities include database support assistant, administrative assistant, customer or client service representatives, data entry clerk, Web developer, database manager, database administrator, and database developer.

Management Information Science (MIS) Degree or Certificate prepares individuals to develop, design, manage, and create computer software that serves the needs of a business. The MIS option gives individuals the skills necessary to use and manage computers effectively in a business career. The program develops student proficiency in a variety of computer applications and operating systems so that they can produce timely and accurate information. Elective courses give an opportunity to develop further skills in computer programming, data management, networking, Web development, and information systems security. It enhances students' skills so that they may transfer to a four-year university or qualify for entry-level positions in a variety of careers. Programming Certificate provides the basic proficiencies required of computer programmers for entry-level software technician positions or for further study in Computer Science at a four-year university.