What Are Computer Information Security Courses?

Would you like to protect your personal information on your home computer? Would you like to learn how to protect an organization's data? Take courses in CIS Security! You can earn a certificate or degree in Information Systems Security. The program includes both introductory and advanced courses, including:

  • CISS 300 Introduction to Information Systems Security
  • CISS 310 Network Security Fundamentals
  • CISS 360 Computer Forensics and Investigation
  • CISS 320 Implementing Network Security and Countermeasures
  • CISS 330 Implementing Internet Security and Firewalls
  • CISS 350 Disaster Recovery
  • CISS 301 Ethical Hacking

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Why Take Computer Information Security Courses?

No matter how big or small a business, everyone needs protection from spyware, hackers, security exploits, etc. Threats are escalating, new computer viruses appear almost daily, rogue servers are sending your information to outside sources, and unauthorized employees are looking at confidential data. The challenges are great, and so is the need for qualified people to provide Information Security.