Prepare for CIS

General Preparation

To prepare for any CIS Degree or Certificate, you must first examine the requirements of the Degree or Certificate by looking at the CIS Catalog.

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Prerequesite courses are intended to provide the skills necessary for students to progressively move into the upper division courses, therefore, if you have not completed a required or advisory prerequesite course, examine those skill sets needed before registering for a class.

It is recommended that all students take the course CISC310 - Introduction to Computer Information Science. This course will give you foundational skills to begin other courses. If you have never used a computer before, you may want to consider a basic skills class, for example CISC300 - Computer Familiarization.

All CIS courses require a fundamental understanding of Digital Literacy. This includes: basic computer terminology, computer navigation expertise, file management, a general understanding of how to navigate the Internet and understanding how to use e-mail correspondence. Additionally, if your instructor uses D2L or some other Course Management System (CMS), you should be comfortable working in an online classroom. If you do not possess these skills when you are starting out, take the CISC300 course before taking any other course. If you are somewhat comfortable with the computer, you are probably ready to take CISC310 - Introduction to Computer Information Science.

Be prepared the first day of class

For many disciplines, it may be viable to get your required textbook a week or two after the course starts. THIS IS NOT TRUE for Computer Science. Not having your textbook the first day of class will very likely put you behind from Day 1. Do not delay in getting the required materials for the course. Bring your textbook to the First day of class.

Read the Course Syllabus

All instructors provide the Course Syllabus the first day of class. This outlines all information students need to understand the expectations of the course. READ THE SYLLABUS. Always have a copy available for your reference. Follow the Course Outline by each session. This is usually included in the Course Syllabus. If you are unclear about anything, ask your professor.

Take notes during lecture

If your professor is lecturing, you should be taking notes. Always bring something to take notes. Professors will generally allow students to bring a laptop/notebook/tablet to class. Most courses are offered in a Computer Lab so students could type their notes on the computer if there is no opposition by the Professor.

Do not believe that you will remember everything after the lecture. Computer Information Science requires attention to detail, and you will not be able to remember all of the details when you are learning something new.

Department Co-Chairs

Sheley Little (M. Little)


Professor Tim Taylor


CIS Full-time Faculty

  • Kevin Anderson - Security, Core, Apps
  • Michael Dixon - Programming
  • Bruce Douglass - Apps, Core
  • Karen Parks - Apps, Core
  • Bryan Krofchok - Programming, Web, Core
  • Sandra Feder - Programming, Web, Core
  • Pat Hogarty - Core
  • Sheley Little - Web, Core, Apps
  • Laurie Smedley - Apps
  • Tim Taylor - Networking
  • Tim Wei - Programming
  • Amanda Zannakis - Programming, Core

CIS Adjunct Faculty

  • Lewis Bair - Core, Apps
  • Bill Beacon - Apps, Core
  • G. Bennett
  • P. Bryant - Apps
  • P. McGuire - Security
  • Thomas Moore - Apps, Core
  • Diane Perreault - Apps
  • Janelle Pettler - Core, Web
  • Matt Silveira, Security

Business & Computer Information Science Division

Division Hours

Monday through Thursday: 8:00am–6:00pm

Friday 8:00am–4:00pm

Division Website:

Division Office - B213 Business Building

Phone: 916-558-2581

Dean of Business and Computer Information Science

Dr. Deborah L. Saks


Administrative Assistant

Sarah Eyanson



Margaret D'Cruz


3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822


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